DFW Metroplex Jazz

Fort Worth, Texas — The Arlington Music Festival and Jim Austin Online Radio is now DFW Metroplex Jazz. Founder Jim Austin changed the name of the online media channel to promote the station and events under its own brand.

Founded in 2013, the 24-hour online streaming media station features smooth jazz music with the sounds of Sade, Kenny G, The Rippingtons , Dave Koz, Tom Braxton, Marion Meadows, Jonathan Butler and more. The station will continue to promote and showcase an appreciation for jazz music through local music festivals and events.

After its third year, the Arlington Music Festival will also be re-branded under the DFW Metroplex Jazz name. The annual event brings a diverse group of Jazz and Blues artists to the DFW community to preserve, present and promote the beauty and diversity of this exciting musical culture.

Fans can expect to hear the same smooth jazz tunes and featured radio hosts on the station. Jazz enthusiasts will still enjoy a variety of jazz music festival events brought to DFW. The only thing that has changed is the name. Listen now!